Knowing the culture of another country is only possible when we know its cuisine. Many people usually avoid restaurants with an international menu when traveling to learn more about local habits, customs and spices.

Some tourists are admittedly crazy about gastronomic tourism and guarantee that impressions of local dishes are the main component in any trip.

As a criterion, we use the table of foods developed in 1992 by nutritionists at the Harvard School of Nutrition, in the United States. It shows which products and what are their proportions for a balanced diet.

According to the scientists, the basis of the daily menu should include fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates (whole-grain pasta, brown bread, oats, brown rice). Then come red meats, fish, chicken (preferably thin and fat-free), eggs, milk and low-fat dairy products.

Fruit also plays an important role in a healthy diet. The consumption of animal fat, sweets and white bread should be kept to a minimum.

Some of these foods should be completely excluded from the diet for good health. Some centuries ago, when the main national cuisines were being formed, nobody knew this diagram. That is why many traditional dishes leave nutritionists crazy (i mean really crazy).

Countries with good and healthy kitchen:

Japan: They have the habit of eating white rice every breakfast. This rice is always accompanied by a vegetable or sautéed and eggs are also present.

Thailand: As a country with a favorable climate, Thailand has an excellent variety of exotic fruits such as pitaya and mango. They use and abuse fruits for breakfast and consume many vegetables.

China: “It was a country that I had a lot of experience for working there. One curiosity is that for breakfast they have the habit of eating Congee, a kind of soup, like soup, with rice. It’s a creamy mixture of rice, spices and Bok Choy, similar to cabbage, which is added in almost all preparations “, highlighted the chef. They also consume lots of vegetables and eggs. In China, they care a lot about the body, so healthy influence is very active in the culture.

Iceland: In Europe, unlike Asia, they consume a lot of sausages, however, for breakfast or other meals, oatmeal or cereal, plus fruit and honey is very present in everyday life.

Turkey: They use and abuse vegetables and boiled eggs. Even if you eat a lot of pork, tenderloin, lamb or chicken, that is, it is healthier than eating the sausages, always accompanied by vegetables. The bread they consume is not a greasy bread, they are Arab breads, based on flour and water, they are baked in the wood oven. Israel: Like Turkey, and in all other countries, the presence of eggs is inevitable. Fish, vegetables and meat are widely found in the country which has a mixture of African, Asian and European cultures.

Egypt: An interaction of flavors and customs, Egyptian cuisine has a strong Mediterranean, African and Arab influence. Like Turkey and Israel, the dishes in which we find meat are always accompanied by vegetables. Peru: In South America, one of the countries that stands out for its healthy cuisine is Peru. That’s because Peruvians have the habit of consuming ceviche, which is a fish cooked in lemon sauce, even for breakfast.

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