The entrevero is one of the most traditional dishes in southern Brazil. The name itself, derived from the Spanish language, refers to the meaning of “meat confusion”.

A mixture of different types of meat with green vegetables, potatoes, cassava and smoked items offers an explosion of flavors on the palate.

The most common preparation for entrevero is in a large pot or iron pot.

This way of cooking the ingredients makes the meal with friends even more fun. As there is no right or wrong when preparing the entrevero, the challenge is due to the combination of flavors.

For this reason, I leave my suggestion of recipe to anyone who has never done a glimpse or even looks for a way of preparation with some harmony between the ingredients.


500g fresh diced

500g rump or duckling in cubes

250g of pork loin in cubes

250g of chicken breast in cubes

2 calabrian sausages

2 paios (smoked sausage)

200g diced bacon

2 onions

4 tomatoes without skin and without diced seeds

1/2 red pepper – 1/2 yellow pepper

1/2 green pepper

250g of pine nuts

Way of preparing:

In an iron pan, large pan or skillet, fry the bacon. Reserve in a pot. In bacon fat, gradually fry the sliced ​​sausage and the paio (smoked sausage). Reserve in a pot. While still in the same pan, fry the fresh meat, the meat cubes, the loin and the chicken breast cubes, one at a time, reserving them separately.

Meanwhile, cook the pinion in a pressure cooker for about 40min.

Peel the pinion and cut into four pieces. In the pan where the meat was fried, sauté the onion in pieces.

Add the tomato and let it form a thick sauce.

Add the peppers, reserving part of them for decoration.

Put all the ingredients back in the pan, including the pine nuts.

Mix and check the seasonings. Decorate with colored peppers.

*The araucaria pinion, pine nut, or pinhão, is the seed of Araucaria angustifolia. These tall trees, which can live up to 500 years

An easy, fast and flavorful recipe to serve anytime!


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