It is not today that the health benefits of physical exercise are highlighted, but did you know that there are fitness practices that can even help prevent osteoporosis?

Find out here what causes osteoporosis and the exercises that help prevent bone disease.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition that can appear in the body after age 45 in men and women. This is because the bone mass that is produced until the age of 20, begins to lose itself from the age of 40.

The relationship between osteopenia and osteoporosis is intimate. While the first nomenclature is the first preclinical stage of bone degeneration, when the imbalance between absorption and regeneration cells begins, osteoporosis represents bone fragility, the disease already installed in the body.

Osteoporosis in the spine is one of the points affected by the disease, however, the legs and hips are also targets of bone loss. A bone with osteoporosis is fragile and porous, so with that, it is possible to say that osteoporosis hurts.

What causes osteoporosis?

Among the causes of osteoporosis, aging is the main factor, but other aspects of the person’s life also favor, for example, genetic factors, little exposure to the sun, physical inactivity, low calcium consumption, being a smoker and menopause, in addition to having diabetes and make use of corticosteroids.

In men, on the other hand, in addition to all these factors, a low testosterone production will also cause bone loss. There are several types of osteoporosis that can be diagnosed, such as senile osteoporosis, postmenopausal osteoporosis, secondary osteoporosis, osteoporosis in men.

Among the symptoms of the disease, the most evident is the increased risk of fractures in the femur, rib and hips, but it is also possible to observe pain, imbalances in balance and posture, as well as difficulties in performing daily tasks.

Bodybuilding and functional training

Weight-bearing or weight-bearing exercises will add more strength to the bones and are considered excellent for preventing the problem.

This workout is a real remedy for osteoporosis. The exercises will cause tendons and muscles to pull the bones, consequently, there will be stimulation of the bone cells, which will help to “create” more bones. The weight of the body itself, the dumbbells and exercise equipment will serve immensely as a treatment for osteoporosis.

However, there are studies that also reveal that, in addition to weight-bearing exercises, those with high impact, such as functional training, can also produce great effects to reduce the problem.

Among the great exercises are push-ups, abduction, adduction and hip extension, but there are several others to reduce the chances of an athlete having this disease.

Dance, Spinning, Walking and Running

Dance, spinning, walking and running are among the most suitable aerobic exercises for preventing osteoporosis, because they support the body’s weight in the legs, which will promote the work of bone regeneration cells. But since aerobics are great for disease prevention, daily exercise like climbing stairs will also help.

Flexibility exercises

Some flexibility exercises, such as Yoga, pilates and stretching, will make it possible to prevent the problem, because promoting an extension of the joints throughout the entire movement will also work the muscles, which need to be warm before starting the exercises. Pilates and Yoga traction and tension exercises will improve strength and flexibility, which will enable bone remodeling.


As you can see, physical exercises performed with guidance are immensely beneficial for health and the mind. With them, it will even be possible to avoid the need for osteoporosis medications. Bet on a healthier lifestyle and you will only gain.


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