The World Health Organization (WHO) considers health to be “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of illness and disease.” To be well, we need to take care of all areas of our lives and carry out well-being practices. From the body to the emotions. In all the environments in which we are affected (family, work, friendships, neighborhood, communities).

Cultivating balance in all of these means based on constant practices is what keeps our minds healthy. Getting rid of frustrations, guilt, misunderstandings or other harmful emotions is a long way, but it can start with some inner tasks, such as the ones below.

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Calm your mind

The first step towards well-being is to stop and slow down for a few minutes. Create more intimacy with yourself and your mind. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we ended up forgetting to stay a few minutes in silence. Meditation is a proven practice for well-being, especially when viewed as a way of cultivating a mental state, but it also does not have to become more of a compromise that will generate guilt. Just stop in a comfortable position and quiet your mind for a few minutes when you are very agitated and you will already see how the following decisions become lighter.

Do what has to be done

Taking action to resolve disputes as soon as possible is also a way of relieving stress, reducing guilt and improving well-being. A good way to do this is to stop linking promises or goals to personal issues and focus on achievement, without deceiving others. Procrastinating is nothing more than finding empty justifications for our lack of willpower. When we have no one to justify, we end up doing what must be done, and the sense of accomplishment is AMAZING.

Create true connections

This practice is one of the best remedies for our selfishness and self-centeredness, characteristics that so much affect our well-being. When we create real connections, developing a genuine interest in the other, we take the focus away from our concerns a little and realize the infinite universes that exist beyond our own. This relieves our minds and helps us form partnership and relationships, which benefit each other without being the main objective of being close to someone.

Dream about yourself

From the beginning of our lives, we are invited to play roles that do not always fit with our wants, our deepest desires. However, we are not stuck in the conceptions that were designed for us. Each one of us can exercise our full human potential, overcoming emotional difficulties. To be able to dream about yourself is to look beyond what is offered to us, find our deepest aspirations and design steps to achieve them. Creating goals and objectives in this sense is one of the practices that drives us.

Embrace your uncertainties

Instead of reacting, blaming yourself, blaming others, stressing, struggling and suffering with what we believe to be true, why don’t we question our truths and embrace life’s uncertainties? Observing where we put seriousness and weight, recognizing that not everything we believe to be right is the same for everyone, frees us from negative feelings like guilt, pressure, pain. The next time a feeling automatically manifests, we can smile at our inner and outer confusion, looking and acting instead of reacting to the impulses created by our certainties.



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