Eating on the street can also be as healthy as eating at home. The secret is to measure the types of food, avoid industrialized products and eat quietly, in no hurry to finish the meal. The option for whole grains, white meats, fruits and vegetables is welcome at any meal. Items are easily found in bakeries and restaurants.

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Take two to three liters of water a day. If your drinking source is far from your desk at work, take a mug or bottle to fill the container each time you drink water.

The first meal of the day is very important because it will provide energy to carry out daily activities. Try to eat one food from each food group. For example, put bread or some other type of cereal, cheese and fruit on your plate. Drink milk or a natural juice. Avoid bologna, salami and yellow cheeses or other types of cold cuts that can provide “empty” calories (which only add weight and do not give you a feeling of fullness).

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Many workers find it difficult to eat intermediate meals. However, skipping them can cause you to overextend yourself in the next step of eating, since you haven’t eaten for many hours. At snack time, the tip is to opt for practical foods, easy to eat and carry to work. Cereal bars, crackers and fruit are some suggestions.

Not overdoing the quantity is the basic rule. Eat foods from each group, carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes, cassava), proteins (meats, cheeses and milks), grains (soy, beans, chickpeas), greens and vegetables and assemble a colorful dish. Avoid fried foods and very fatty foods. If you can’t resist dessert, choose gelatin or fruit.

If you use your lunch break to work out, consume some carbohydrate source in your snack and, after physical activity, have lunch. Complete sandwiches, with bread, greens, vegetables, shredded chicken or turkey breast can serve as lunchtime, when the time is very tight.

For dinner opt for snacks that contain greens and vegetables, white cheese, cold cuts like turkey breast and lean ham. Avoid mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, industrial sauces and prefer light curd, cottage cheese or ricotta. When eating savory foods, prioritize baked goods and leave out fried and puff pastry. To drink, prefer natural juices, teas and vitamins.

Everywhere we can choose how to eat and it just depends on our power to choose the healthiest way and not the easiest!


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