Being happy boosts self-esteem, strengthens the immune system, fights aging and even reduces stress.  Happiness is linked to a hormone called endorphin that is produced by the pituitary gland and spreads throughout the body through the blood.

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There are several ways to stimulate the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, through activities that awaken the senses, such as listening to the favorite music, falling in love and having intimate contact, for example, because with these stimuli the nervous system reacts and releases these hormones  in the blood, bringing numerous health benefits.

So, to release more endorphins into the bloodstream, the person must try to perform activities that he likes and that makes him feel fulfilled. Some good options are:


For people who like to run, one of the best ways to release endorphins is to run a race, at least once a week. Otherwise, the person may choose to practice other exercises, such as taking group classes at a gym or something more relaxed, such as a Pilates or Yoga class, for example.

In addition, the person can choose the activity that gave him pleasure, while helping to exercise the body, such as riding a bicycle, hiking, surfing or practicing a dance modality that he likes, for example.

The important thing is to find some time during the week to dedicate yourself to this practice.


Chocolate stimulates the release of neurotransmitters related to well-being, such as endorphins and, therefore, the person feels happier and more satisfied.

To enjoy the benefits of chocolate, just eat one square a day, and the ideal is that it is dark chocolate with 70% cocoa, at least, because it has less fat and sugar in its composition, thus reducing the negative impact on the scale.


Being with friends telling stories, remembering happy moments or even watching movies with fun scenes or shows by comedians, can guarantee moments of great joy and therefore should be performed frequently.

Laughter is beneficial and, therefore, it can even be used as an alternative form of therapy, called laughter therapy or risotherapy, which aims to promote mental and emotional well-being through laughter.

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Sexual pleasure releases endorphins that promote happiness and, therefore, it is important to maintain a loving relationship in which sexual contact is satisfactory and regular.

To make the most of intimate contact, the ideal is that the person feels at ease with the partner, and that all affective involvement contributes to the couple’s satisfaction, in order to promote happiness and strengthen the relationship.


Gratitude for life, for what one has or has achieved, for the presence of friends or family also releases endorphins, making people happier.

So, to maintain the habit of thanking for the good things in life, even the smallest ones, the person can make a list of reasons for gratitude. To do this, you can try to put at least 1 item on that list, every day, and meditate on it, doing this as an exercise.

In a short time, the person will see that there are reasons for gratitude and that, for that, one can feel grateful and happy.

The key to success lies in the balance between dream and reality. Dreaming is very good and can take us further, but having your feet on the ground even when you dream, can prevent sudden falls. Therefore, the person can dream but at the same time must build ways to make that dream come true. When that happens, there will be another reason for gratitude, which also brings happiness.

Another way to achieve happiness is to invest in the consumption of foods that contain or stimulate the production of serotonin, such as tomatoes, Brazil nuts and red wine, for example.



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