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To choose between crossfit or gym, it is essential to take into account a number of factors – such as the style of training, the main objective (burning calories or gaining muscle mass, for example) and preferences regarding the equipment used. It is important to highlight that having the habit of doing aerobic exercises + weight training is essential to improve physical conditioning and the health of the body as a whole.

Therefore, it is always recommended to resort to complete and diversified training, ok? Here, we have prepared an article talking about the main differences between gym and crossfit for you to make the best decision.

Find out how to decide between crossfit or gym

Before choosing between gym or crossfit, it is very important to analyze the differences and advantages of each line of exercises. If you like to have your own series (in a more personalized line), for example, the gym becomes the best option. For those who enjoy collective activities and a more stimulating training atmosphere, the crossfit is very suitable. Check out the main features of each type of training:

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What are the benefits of crossfit?

Considered a type of high intensity functional training, the crossfit stands out for working all parts of the body – promoting greater muscular endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, speed, power and motor coordination. The best part is that this type of training can serve teenagers, adults and the elderly, as long as it is done responsibly, with the monitoring of qualified professionals and medical authorization.

Proposes more intense and high-paced workouts

The crossfit consists of very dynamic exercises, with series of burpees, runs, squats, weightlifting, push-ups, sit-ups and other activities (usually of high intensity) that are very stimulating for those who have a lot of spirit to exercise regularly. However, compared to the gym, crossfit workouts are done with few devices – taking into account that the main thing is to use your own body during activities.

It is indicated for those who want to lose calories more quickly

When it comes to burning calories more efficiently, crossfit becomes an excellent alternative. This is because the workouts are very intense, which allows for greater loss of body fat. Running, burpees and even some strength exercises are primarily responsible for this higher calorie burn.

The activities are stimulating and carried out in teams

If you do not have much spirit to exercise on a daily basis, perhaps the crossfit is the best option. This is because the environment is generally more lively, with competitions and teams that make activities more dynamic and even recreational. It is worth mentioning, however, that each one must respect their own pace and limit during training, in addition to consulting a physical education professional and doctor on a regular basis.

Obs .: By proposing a higher training pace, the crossfit can cause more injuries (muscular, for example) in the long term. Therefore, it is essential that the person follows the exercises responsibly and with monitoring.

What are the benefits of the gym?

To follow a more complete workout, with more varied aerobic and weight training exercises, the gym becomes an excellent option. In some cases, it is even possible to take classes in swimming, dancing, martial arts and other more fun activities. It depends on the type of gym and the plan of each one. Check out its main advantages:

It has a greater diversity of devices

The gym stands out for being a diverse and very complete environment in terms of equipment – it offers treadmills, stationary bikes and a series of weight machines (each geared to a specific type of muscle), which allows you to set up more varied and specific series for the goals of each individual.

Offers greater monitoring with physical education professionals

Another positive point of the academy is that it usually offers a greater number of professionals to assemble and monitor the training of each one. Thus, the exercises are more personalized (respecting the person’s preferences) and it is still possible to have a more individual service on a daily basis.

Allows each to set their own training pace

While crossfit exercises tend to have a very fast pace, gym exercises can be better adapted according to the goals and limitations of each individual. After all, each person follows a personalized series (which can intensify over time), using different devices on a daily basis, in a more balanced way.


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