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Synonymous with companionship, empathy and unity among women, sorority is a term that is becoming more and more known. But, to make a real difference in society, this concept needs to come out of theory and be applied on a daily basis through small actions.

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After all, what is sorority?

In order to make effective changes in society, it is very important to adopt some attitudes, especially with regard to the relationship of women between themselves. Here, the specialist explains well what sorority is and what this term proposes:

It is a political concept, but it carries an essential meaning for social change. Sorority means brotherhood, but it aims to promote unity, solidarity and empathy among women. It is the idea that we need to support each other, get to know each other and recognize. It is intended to be a social pact among women.

Learn how to practice sorority in different ways

There are several ways to impose, accept and be in solidarity with the ideals of serority.

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Support the work of other women

Investing and encouraging the work of other women is a great way to practice sorority, you know? Support women entrepreneurs, prioritizing the purchase and promotion of their products and projects or even consuming materials of female talents in music, science, and literature.Give attention and help women in situations of vulnerability
Practicing listening and giving attention to women asking for help is also an essential type of conduct. In many cases, taking a small step like making a call or welcoming through words makes a total difference. Listen to women in situations of vulnerability and violence, helping in a practical way. Help women who are sick at parties or bars. Walk together on the street and support each other in difficult situations. Don’t judge other women, always listen with respect.

Be attentive to the words and narratives you use on a daily basis

In addition to effectively helping other women when possible, it is important to be careful not to perpetuate words, phrases, slang and even sayings that overwhelm and create a hostile environment for the female audience. Do not reproduce behaviors typical of ‘female rivalry’, a concept created by patriarchy and which only causes disunity among women. This type of behavior appears in situations such as that women are not really friends with each other, that they are self-interested or gossipy. Or when someone’s body is actively criticized, making other women inferior in order to compete for male attention, creating unnecessary and harmful competition.

Present a critical view of music, books and films

Analyzing art critically from books, movies, series to music is a good way to counter possible outdated and macho concepts, which are common and help to perpetuate a violent culture with women.

Criticize the current culture. Because it is an ingrained culture, this incentive to rivalry between women often goes unnoticed. Having a critical view of music, movies and books helps us to question and change. Identify concepts that perpetuate disunity and reinforce the idea that women are enemies of each other, as we see in musical lyrics that scream ‘enemies’, for example. Or in literature, when we see women in positions of combat and rivalry as is the example of Cinderella (and other classic princesses) fighting with stepmothers, without friends, just competing for the approval of the man-prince.

Always state your opinion and take a stand against possible malicious jokes or comments

Having a voice, expressing yourself and imposing yourself against violent attitudes is also essential to combat violence against women and put sorority into practice.



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