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Who has never felt that “hunger” on the beach? Many times we end up forgetting to eat during the sunny day and end up giving in to the temptations of fatty and industrialized foods to “kill this need”. So, with summer coming, we will present great and healthy options for you to take to the beach and enjoy your relaxation in the best way!

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There are several reasons for bringing your own snack to the beach: security, knowing the origin of what you will be eating; economy, as what is often sold on the beach is more expensive, and, of course, commitment to health and well-being, since most of the options offered on the beach are caloric and without nutritional values. With this, when you take your food, you guarantee a food that will give you energy and disposition without weighing on the scale or in your pocket.

The trick is to choose simple, nutritious, tasty and with an adequate amount of calories, after all we spend a lot of energy on the beach. A tip for those who are unable to control themselves in the ‘pinches’ is to take the separate portion in bags ‘ziplock’. In addition to controlling the portion, it helps to protect food from sand.

In addition, it is essential to pay attention to food preservation. Some snacks need to be stored in coolers or styrofoam, but there are some ingredients that, even with these precautions, can spoil, as in the case of mayonnaise. Check the list made by the professional and choose your favorite snack to take to the beach!

Healthy foods to eat on the beach

Fruits – These are refreshing options, which help replenish water and need to be refrigerated. Among the lightest are apple, grape, cherry and tangerine. If you prefer the chopped fruit, drop a few drops of lemon to prevent it from browning. To complement this snack, take a portion of oilseeds, such as chestnuts. This combination guarantees satiety and many important nutrients.

Vegetables – They are also light and low in calories. Foods like baby carrots, cucumber cut into thin strips and cherry tomatoes, for example, are great options for side dishes. Keep them refrigerated and, for extra flavor, season with a little sea salt, pink salt or flower salt with herbs.

Natural sandwiches – They are very complete and can even replace a meal. A nutritious and very light recipe: “Just mix ½ can of tuna in water (light tuna) with 2 tablespoons of light ricotta cheese to make a pate. Add chives for extra flavor. Prepare a salad: chop with the lettuce leaves, arugula, grate ½ carrot and season with lemon, olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar and add to the sandwich “.

Freeze-dried fruits – In the manufacturing process, the fruit loses water and becomes a very crunchy snack. The idea here is the same as the combination with the fresh fruit: eat a portion of the dehydrated fruit combined with one of the oilseeds. These fruits are more practical, they do not need to be stored in a cool place.

Mix of dehydrated fruits and nuts – It is possible to make your own mix of dehydrated fruits with oilseeds (chestnuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc.). The professional recommends mixing a cup of dried cranberry or goji berry coffee with a cup of raisin coffee, two chopped dried apricots, and pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, roasted soy beans, almonds, unsalted, brown of cashew and two chestnuts from Pará. Watch out for oilseeds with salt: when we are on the beach, the tendency is to dehydrate and if we consume a lot, it happens even faster.

Nuts bar – Another interesting snack is cereal bars. They are easy to transport and resistant to high temperatures. Give preference to fruits.

Diet cookies – These products, in individual packages, have the greatest advantage of the portion already coming separately and thus there is no danger of making dirt in the bag or exceeding the quantity.

Biscuits – Another dry option that does not require cooling. It also requires caution regarding the quantity because, although it is light, it is composed of carbohydrates and in excess it can raise blood sugar levels a lot. The ideal is also to combine them with a portion of oilseeds.



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