Taking care of your mind and your own well-being is fundamental to having a healthy lifestyle. And, when the idea is to deal with emotional issues and seek self-knowledge, therapy can be a great ally. But did you know that there are several types and lines of treatment? Psychodrama, in particular, is a therapeutic line that was created by the Romanian physician Jacob Levy Moreno and basically consists of using techniques of dramatic representation.

After all, what is psychodrama is how does this type of therapy work?

Seeking alternative therapy methods is a good tip for those who like to try new things. Psychodrama can have a very positive effect on the individual, and the best part is that it can be done in a family or in a group. Psychodrama is a therapeutic approach that uses dramatization as a tool to express issues experienced by individuals. In it, participants dramatize scenes that may concern past, present or even situations that have not happened yet, but which are significant and important in that context for an individual, family, group or community.

This dramatization has as main objective to enable the recovery of creativity and spontaneity of each one, in the sense of making it possible for individuals to react in a more self-regulated and less limited way to situations. It is an approach that bets on the power of action beyond verbalization, and focuses on the way each one interacts with themselves and with the other in each circumstance.

In which situations is psychodrama best suited?

If the goal is to loosen up your personality, be more communicative (and overcome shyness, for example), psychodrama can be very helpful. According to the creator of this theory, Jacob Levy Moreno, people are born capable of being spontaneous and, due to experiences in social life, they are limited in this capacity. In this way, the scenes experienced on the psychodrama stage are opportunities to reframe records, beliefs and limiting patterns and, thus, rescue the individuals’ capacity for healthy creativity and spontaneity.

But those who think that this therapeutic method is only suitable for people who have a specific problem are wrong. As with virtually all lines of therapy, psychodrama can add to and be useful to all types of people. Everyone can benefit at some level from this practice, as it is a process of self-knowledge that aims to improve the perception of each one about themselves and about the other, and when we seek self-knowledge, we give ourselves the opportunity to make more conscious and healthier choices.


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