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Almost no one else risks being in the sun without sunscreen, however, indoors or at the office, it is still a habit adopted by few people. However, those who spend the day in front of the computer and cell phone should take this care seriously.

The blue light radiation, emitted by electronic devices, is very harmful to the skin. It damages the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin), the collagen and elastin present in the dermis (responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity).

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Over time, there is a risk of darkening of the spots in general and of premature aging, accelerating the appearance of wrinkles, furrows and expression lines. For those who need to spend most of their time on a computer or cell phone, sunscreen is the only form of protection.

daily protection

If you tend to stay very close to the screen (or small screen), with the brightness at maximum intensity, the danger is even greater. So try to take distance and reduce the brightness of the screen. Even so, don’t forget the protective barrier: use a physical or mineral filter, preferably with color.

Apply an even layer to face, neck and cleavage every day before starting work in front of the screens. The options for natural and vegan protectors with proven color and efficacy are still restrictive. What can be done is to apply a colorless protector and then apply makeup over it to increase the protection. It can be foundation, compact powder or other makeup that the person has.

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A protector for every skin type

Follow here the natural and vegan protectors recommended by doctors:

*Normal skin or skin prone to dryness should receive more moisturizing protectors. Suggestion: Biossance SPF 45 sunscreen.

*Oily and acne-prone skin needs oil free versions, dry touch and non-comedogenic. Suggestion: Bioart SPF 30 sunscreen.

What if there is already damage?

Anyone who notices the damage on the skin caused by the lack of use of the protector, can resort to dermatological treatments based on antioxidant actives, actives capable of stimulating the production of collagen and whitening actives. Depending on the needs of each one, peelings and microneedling may be indicated, carried out in an office. Better to avoid all that, right? So make it a habit to protect your skin daily from the sun and blue light.


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