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Eggplant is one of the most powerful vegetables to keep in our daily diet. Extremely versatile, the food can be used in the most diverse ways and in an integral way, even using its water. Yes, eggplant water also offers several nutritional benefits in its composition, especially in relation to high weight problems, reducing blood cholesterol levels.

The high concentration of soluble fiber is the big secret that makes eggplant water a natural remedy to balance blood cholesterol levels and, consequently, protect heart health, as they have the ability to absorb fats in the stomach and eliminate it. them through the stool. Eggplant water is also rich in folic acid and niacin – vitamin B3 -, which influence health, among others, also in the cardiovascular system.

Eggplant water also helps with weight loss.

The infusion of this powerful vegetable has functional properties: it is antioxidant, helps the healthy functioning of the intestine and even helps in weight loss diets! That’s right, the components of eggplant water reduce the accumulation of fat, helping to lose weight in a healthy way.

Eggplant prevents the accumulation of fat. This extracted juice is able to reduce the absorption of total cholesterol in the intestine, when some animal product is ingested during meals.

In addition to these benefits, eggplant water causes a feeling of satiety, which helps not to slip away from the diet, in addition to the diuretic effect, which is able to eliminate toxins from the body and reduce swelling by water retention. To take advantage of these properties, just prepare the eggplant infusion and consume it in the morning, on an empty stomach, before removing the eggplant pieces. Then, throughout the day, drink it like juice.

Attention: Never eat raw eggplant. See how to prepare it!

Eggplant should never be eaten raw, because it has a substance called solanine, which causes intestinal disturbances. The correct step-by-step, according to the professional, is the following: Cut it into pieces and let it boil for five minutes, drain and soak in drinking water, to avoid oxidation and darkening of the liquid.

Author: LeoAbreu

Hello I'm Leonardo Abreu an entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer. I dedicate myself to the awareness of society that with healthy eating we are able to solve a large part of the health and quality of life problems.


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