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Dinner time is often a reason for doubts for those who follow a diet, as in the case of social diets. Eat or not eat, and especially what foods can we include in our food at night? The truth is that the night time is as important as any part of our day, and therefore, we must not give up following the commandments of healthy eating.

If you are one of those people who eat little or are not hungry during the day, but when you get home late and start attacking the fridge, you may have night hunger syndrome, a very common problem whose main causes may be running and the stress of everyday life. The secret to avoiding damage to health and weight gain caused by the syndrome is to plan and know the best foods to consume at night.

In the case of night hunger, correctly consuming afternoon and evening meals is essential. Many people substitute inappropriate snacks for dinner or do not eat at night, which increases their appetite at night. So, the tip is to have dinner and have a small snack (supper) before bed. This guarantees satiety until the next morning, when meals will start again.

Generally, those who tend to feel hungrier at night tend to eat sweets and refined carbohydrates in excess, as access to these foods is usually easier and more practical. So an effective way to avoid this type of slip is to invest in smart substitutions, as skipping dinner is not recommended. The official recommendation is that lunch has 35% of the total energy value of the day and dinner 20%. So, even if the metabolism works slower after 18 hours, it is necessary to invest in a full meal, but lighter.

It’s a good idea to avoid sweets and sugary foods at night, as these foods raise your blood glucose quickly. But as the glycemic level drops quickly too, there is a greater feeling of hunger.

Best Foods to Eat at Night

there are healthy, low-calorie foods that distract hunger at night, improve sleep, and keep the body hydrated.

Check out which are these foods, considered ideal for consumption at night:

Milk and yogurt – Protein-rich foods ensure greater satiety and for a longer period of time. Therefore, invest in foods rich in protein, whether of animal or vegetable origin.

Nuts (oilseeds) – In addition to being rich in protein, nuts have fibers that benefit the health of the digestive system and ensure a feeling of satiety.

Vegetables and vegetables (Kale, watercress, spinach, tomato, cucumber, etc.) – A source of vitamins and minerals, vegetables are healthy, low in calories and help to distract from hunger.

Water, teas, mate, lemonade – Maintaining hydration is essential at night. Also, some teas such as fennel and chamomile are great for calming and ensuring quality sleep.

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Hello I'm Leonardo Abreu an entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer. I dedicate myself to the awareness of society that with healthy eating we are able to solve a large part of the health and quality of life problems.

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