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Those who are allergic to eggs have some difficulty in choosing the ideal dessert, as most of them have this ingredient in the recipe. However, for the joy of those who do not want to give up a little sweet after lunch, there is no lack of alternatives for allergy sufferers! Like the idea? Then check out our list of 4 healthy options and get ready to choose the ideal one for you:

  1. Light sweet rice

Who said you can’t prepare a delicious rice pudding without eggs in the recipe? In addition to having a fit version of this delicacy, the good news for those allergic to eggs is that it is also possible to prepare this delicious dessert without the ingredient. The only difference is that the consistency will be creamier, but the flavor will remain the same.

To keep the meal healthy, the tip is to use skimmed milk and change the refined sugar for demerara or brown sugar – which, in addition to being less caloric, are also much more nutritious.

  1. lemon pie

Another option for those allergic to eggs is the traditional lemon pie – but, in order not to compromise healthy eating with this dessert, the recipe should include coconut oil and also some type of wholemeal flour instead of white flour. In addition to having far fewer calories, these ingredients are rich in nutrients important for health – such as fiber, for example, which increases the feeling of satiety.

  1. Banana cake with chocolate

Cake without egg? It’s also possible! This version of banana with chocolate, even, is ideal for allergy sufferers who want to maintain a healthy diet or who follow a vegan diet – since it does not have any ingredients of animal origin.

In addition to not containing eggs, this recipe has the advantage of having several healthy and nutritious ingredients, such as banana, coconut milk, cocoa and wholemeal flour, in addition to chia and flaxseed – which will help to give an extra flavor to the sweet. During preparation, just mix everything to make the dough and throw the chocolate on top to finish.

  1. Chocolate Cookies

To finish off the candy list, how about some cookies? The recipe is very simple: just prepare a homogeneous dough with corn starch, some type of wholemeal flour, demerara or coconut sugar, coconut oil, water, vanilla and cocoa. Then, with it ready, mix the chocolate bar cut into cubes so that the biscuit has a kind of drops of candy. In addition to being delicious, it is super-nutritious and does not pose any risk for those who are allergic to eggs.

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