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Practicing water sports brings several benefits to the cardiorespiratory system, optimizes caloric burn and can be a lot of fun, you know? Hydro boxing (or aqua boxing), for those who don’t know, is a fighting category practiced in the water that helps to improve physical conditioning, ensuring more muscle strength and endurance. Do you want to know more about this modality and its benefits? Just keep reading!

How do hydro boxing classes work?

Like most water sports, hydro boxing has a more dynamic proposal, which ensures good movement of all members of the body. The class is taught by a physical education professional, made with lively music and exercises that follow a more upbeat line – which greatly increases the energy of the class. If you don’t usually have the energy to exercise, even resorting to more fun group activities like this is an excellent strategy.

During hydro boxing training, students perform series of punches, kicks, knees, dodge exercises and jumps that help improve agility and reflex. Some classes are made with gloves and specific equipment for moving in water. However, it is also possible to do hydro boxing using weights and other accessories that help to increase the strength of the muscles. The best part is that this sport can be practiced by people of all ages, as long as it is always done with the proper monitoring of a professional.

What are the benefits of this exercise in water?

As a category of martial art performed in water, hydro boxing is an aerobic exercise that brings a series of benefits to the body. In addition to teaching self-defense tricks, the modality is very suitable for those who need to lose weight. After all, with regular practice, the metabolism tends to reach a faster pace – which, consequently, leads to a faster burning of body fat.

Composed of low-impact exercises, the hydro box is also great for those who have muscle or joint problems – it helps to prevent injuries and strengthen muscles more safely. Like most water sports, it helps to significantly improve blood circulation, breathing, and body posture. In addition, exercise helps to eliminate stress, anxiety and possible symptoms of insomnia. Wonderful, right?


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