Delicious in the form of a cream and accompanied by fruits and granola, açaí is a source of benefits. Who knew that this little fruit, extracted from a palm tree, was so powerful. Come find out more about this delicacy:

Benefits of acai

Of Brazilian origin, typical of the northern region of Brazil, açaí has a combo of vitamins and minerals that are very good for health.

Combat free radicals

This is its main “weapon”, due to the abundance of resveratrol, delphinidin, petudinin and anthocyanins (which give açaí its purple color) that act on the health of blood vessels, eliminating free radicals that accelerate the aging process. Its antioxidants are still able to protect the body against the development of cancer.

Controls cholesterol levels

Açaí contains some important types of fat, such as omegas 3 and 6, which act in the balance between “good” (HDL) and “bad” (LDL) cholesterol. This is what a study by the Federal University of Pará suggests, which analyzed two different groups of people: one who drank açaí-based drinks and another who did not consume the food. After 12 weeks, the first group showed a drop in LDL, something that did not occur with the second group (which did not consume acai). With balanced cholesterols, the heart benefits, as it prevents bad cholesterol from accumulating in the arteries and causing disease.

Great for those who play sports

As it is a source of simple carbohydrates, it is excellent for providing quick energy for intense workouts. Bet on it if you practice running, cycling or other modalities that require physical endurance.

Prevents inflammatory conditions

Zinc is primarily responsible, because it acts in the regeneration of various tissues, including those that are naturally injured during exercise (bodybuilding, for example). Another substance, arabinogalactan, stimulates the activity of the body’s defense cells, improving their effectiveness.

Strengthens the bones

Rich in calcium, which acts in the maintenance of bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Does Acai Help You Lose Weight?

Anthocyanins, which help prevent premature aging, also regulate the functioning of fat cells. But, be careful: avoid consuming in excess, as acai is a high-calorie food.

Despite being a source of good fats, which help you lose weight, a small bowl of açaí has 210 calories.

Consult a nutritionist to adjust the amounts if you train and want to include acai as a pre-workout option in your diet.

To enjoy açaí without guilt, avoid eating the food with other toppings, such as powdered milk, condensed milk and guarana syrup, which increase the caloric value of the meal

If you like to consume açaí with granola, prefer natural, non-industrialized ones, as they have less chemical additives and sugars.

Include açaí in the form of pulp or frozen in juices, shakes and creams. A good choice is to beat the pulp (preferably without sugar) with coconut water, which becomes a light and nutritious drink option.

We emphasize the alert for excessive consumption: in addition to leading to weight gain, it can cause hyperglycemia, which is the increase in blood sugar, which favors the development of diabetes and is harmful for those who have the disease.

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