Also known as Epsom salt, bitter salt is nothing more than a mineral composed of magnesium sulfate that can bring many health benefits – used in the preparation of baths and therapeutic massages (by alternative medicine) or dissolved in water to be consumed ( aiding in the functioning of the intestine).

After all, what is bitter salt for and what are its main benefits?

Epsom salt is a type of ingredient that can make a lot of difference in the treatment of inflammation and helps a lot to regulate the intestine, preventing constipation, for example. “Bitter salt is a mineral supplement in which the active ingredient is magnesium sulfate, a substance with many health benefits. It is indicated as a laxative and also used in cases of heartburn, poor digestion, muscle pain, arthritis and magnesium deficiency It has anti-inflammatory action and can be used as an exfoliant for the face and body, very suitable in cases of acne, for example.

Can bitter salt replace common salt?

Despite bringing benefits to the body, such as increasing magnesium levels, fulfilling detox action and helping to treat arthritis, tendinitis and muscle pain, bitter salt should always be consumed in moderation, as it can cause some complications when in excess. For this reason, including – and because it does not contain sodium in its composition – it is not recommended to replace common salt in everyday cooking. In addition to not being good for salting food, it should only be part of the diet when accompanied by a nutritionist or doctor.

Is it true that bitter salt makes you lose weight?

First of all, it is important to note that there is no single food that is responsible for weight loss. What is possible, in fact, is to include in the diet ingredients with detox, diuretic and thermogenic properties that contribute to the proper functioning of the metabolism and, consequently, to the burning of body fat.

The reputation that bitter salt makes you lose weight, in particular, only exists because the ingredient has a strong laxative action. However, in practice, this type of salt only helps eliminate water from the body and regulate the intestine. Therefore, it cannot be considered a food that helps to lose weight and should always be consumed in moderation after the recommendation of a health professional.

How to use bitter salt in everyday life?

Bitter salt can be used in several ways. Before starting treatment, you need to seek guidance from a health professional so that there are no unwanted effects. But, to take advantage of its benefits without major risks, it is interesting to bathe in water with bitter salt – in a bathtub with warm water and 2 cups of salt – or do a foot bath in a basin with warm water and 1/2 cup of salt per 20 to 30 minutes.


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