Knowing what is good for heartburn is an advantage in quickly improving the discomfort caused by it. The burning sensation in the throat is caused by a backflow of gastric acid back from the stomach into the esophagus and is not stopped by the valve that separates the two components of the digestive system. To improve this picture, many people use antacid medications. But if you want to know how to relieve heartburn in a natural – and healthier way, there are foods that can help.

What’s Good for Heartburn: Apple Is One of the Top Natural Choices

Eating an apple is a simple solution on how to relieve heartburn. The amount of fiber that the fruit contains enhances the digestion process and “pushes” gastric acid from the esophagus back to the stomach. Among other benefits of apple, it also has healing action and this relieves burning. But attention: at this time, prioritize red apples, as green ones are more acidic.

Raw green kale is known to soothe the stomach.

Among its many advantages, green cabbage can also act as a remedy for heartburn, as it optimizes the functioning of the digestive system. This is because, like the apple, it is rich in fiber. For the best effect, it is best to eat it raw. In a juice, for example, it can be combined with apple and plenty of ice to help with immediate relief from burning.

Eating a banana could also be the answer to how to relieve heartburn

A good option of what is good for heartburn is bananas. Unlike other fruits, it is not acidic and, moreover, has a flavonoid called leucocyanidin in its composition. In the process of digestion, it neutralizes acidity and therefore ensures relief from heartburn quickly. But be careful: the banana must be ripe for the result to be achieved.

Oatmeal can also be considered a remedy for heartburn.

Like other options on the list, oatmeal is a fiber-rich food – which, in itself, already helps in the fight against heartburn. In addition, it also does not cause reflux and does not harm the stomach, which is already “irritated”. Another advantage is the feeling of satiety that oats guarantee: this prevents you from feeling hungry and wanting to eat other things while you still have a sensitive stomach.

Ginger tea is also a good bet for relieving heartburn.

Ginger constantly appears in medicinal teas and can also be used to improve heartburn. Ginger is rich in different nutrients that are beneficial to the body and, in digestion, it acts by reducing stomach contractions that are responsible for reflux. Therefore, ginger tea can help you get rid of heartburn easily.

How to avoid heartburn?

Although it is usually not serious, heartburn can happen due to stress or be a symptom of diseases such as gastritis. So if she becomes frequent, you need to seek medical help. In sporadic cases, however, heartburn is a consequence of consuming fatty, spicy, acidic, citric or industrialized foods, for example. In addition, it is also recommended not to lie down or sleep right after meals, not to drink liquids with food and not to eat in a hurry – chew well and slowly.


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