“We are like this. We dream of flight, but we fear heights. To fly you have to love the void. Because the flight only happens if there is a void. Emptiness is the space of freedom, the absence of certainties. Men want to fly, but they fear emptiness. They cannot live without certainties. That’s why they exchange the flight for cages. Cages are the place where certainties live.”

Rubem Alves

Until we reach a conclusion of what we really want out of life, we went through several dilemmas and it can be said that all are extremely complicated but in the end we see what we really look for.

Sometimes I wonder why we are alone in the decisions we make in life, when we could share and grow together but the human being sinks every day in his individualism. That’s why I made this site, just to share.

Good practices provide more energy to the body and stimulate physical and mental health, increasing self-esteem and reducing risks related to various diseases. This provides a better quality of life, as the person starts to feel more willing and strengthened.

Do you know the impact that changes have on you?

All changes, even small ones, have an impact on us, in the way we behave before the world and how we feel in the depths of our being.

In order to deal with these changes, we human beings have developed an incredible power of adaptation.

Since the dawn of humanity we have been subjected to changes, consequently, we have always adapted to new environments and realities so that we can survive.

When we talk about adaptability, we cannot fail to emphasize that, before we learn to adapt to the environment, we must learn to live, consciously and calmly with ourselves. Life is full of beginnings and ends and, even if we don’t see it at first, they all bring great opportunities for evolution and maturation in some aspect.

We can change and have a better quality of life. Lose weight, smile more, feel well, etc … No matter the goal, the important thing is to always add positivity and perseverance.

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