Who doesn’t like to eat a juicy burger? So that usually hamburger and diet don’t go very well, right? Wrong!

To show that this statement is completely wrong, we brought you a delicious recipe for a fit hamburger with low carb bread.

Why doesn’t anyone deserve to eat salad from Sunday to Sunday born !? We created this recipe and it is GREAT !!! A tip, this bread can also be made to accompany breakfast, with eggs, cottage cheese or ricotta.

It is also delicious and an excellent option, less caloric and healthier than ordinary bread.


300grs of ground duckling (or any other lean meat of your choice);

1 shallow spoon of sweet paprika;

1 shallow spoon of oregano;

1 shallow spoon of pink salt;

3 cloves of crushed garlic

1/2 small onion, crushed.

Preparation mode

Mix all ingredients, stir well and distribute in the hamburger pan.

Then fry it with coconut oil.

Low Carb Bread Ingredients

2 tablespoons of almond flour;

1 whole egg;

2 shallow spoons of light curd soup (can also be lactose free, or another of your choice);

Pink salt;

1 shallow spoon of baking powder.

Preparation mode

Mix the ingredients well in the order described (flour, curd, salt and egg) in a small glass dish (which can go to the microwave) then add the yeast and stir a little more. Afterwards, microwave for 2min and 40sec.

Afterwards, you will notice that its size will double. Remove from the ovenproof dish, cut in half and lightly brown the bread in the pan.

Tell us what you think and give us tips on what next recipes you want to see here.


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